Kensington is a small town with clean quiet streets, beautiful mid-century craftsman homes, and a quaint business district that highlights local boutiques and restaurants. Welcome to smalltown America in the middle of one of the country’s most populous cities.  This beautiful neighborhood is just a few miles northeast of downtown San Diego. The quaint neighborhood has a hyperlocal feel vibe, however, visitors will themselves welcome with open arms. Kensington is essentially one big cul-de-sac, so through-traffic is essentially nonexistent which keeps it extremely safe and family-friendly. Adams Avenue cuts through the town’s business district, and it’s the only way in and out of town. In the center of Kensington, there are nearly a dozen restaurants, a library, a park with a playground, a bank, a couple of salons, an organic grocer, a gym, and so much more. This little town has it all! This is a quiet, clean, ideally located, SUPER friendly neighborhood, with so much to offer its residents and visitors alike. Come see what Kensington has to offer.

School District

San Diego Unified School District services the affluent community of Kensignton. There are a number of local private schools that resident children attend as well. Learn what Kensington has to offer in terms of schools by clicking below.

Parks and Recreation

With access to green spaces, hiking trails, and family-friendly activities, you’ll be hard-pressed to run out of things to do here in and around Kensington.

Restaurants and Groceries

Eateries offering hyper-local fare and cuisines from around the world help this surfside town keep its diverse community satiated. If you prefer a home-cooked meal, there are plenty of groceries, bakeries, and specialty stores to gather your ingredients from. 



Kensington offers few accommodations for short-term visitors, outside of vacation rentals. Visitors from all walks of life are sure to find accommodations that meet their needs and exceed their expectations at the nearby Hotel Circle area of town.


Most folks out and about in Kensignton are regulars. If you step into a bar or club and it seems like everyone knows everyone, they probably do! Just be friendly and respectful if you’re planning a night out and you’re sure to be welcomed with open arms. 





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