Del Cerro



The tidy neighborhood of Del Cerro, which means “of the hill” in Spanish, was named in 1955 when the first homes were built. Those initial homes, mostly moderate-sized single stories, were built along horseshoe-shaped streets like Ashland and Meredith, many of them coming off Del Cerro Boulevard. Most houses in Del Cerro are unique; some are wood, some stucco, others faced with brick or stone. They’re well-tended and clean, driveways sporting new and old cars, campers, and motorboats. Cacti rise high in front gardens, Seussian trees, and small palms along with them; lawns are tidy, sometimes bordered with stones or fences. The owners of these houses are mixed, some younger families that have moved to the area within the last ten years, while many houses are still occupied by the people who purchased them when they were first built. As with most neighborhoods in San Diego, new homes are all but non-existent here in Del Cerro. Prospective homeowners should keep their eye on the market and be ready to make a serious offer as Del Cerro can be a competitive housing market.

School District

San Diego Unified School District is a school district based in San Diego, California, United States. It was founded in 1854. As of 2005 it represents over 200 institutions and has over 15,800 employees.

Parks and Recreation

Del Cerro is pet-friendly and full of green spaces for all to enjoy. With stunning vistas, access to hiking trails, and family-friendly activities, you’ll be hard-pressed to run out of things to do here in Del Cerro.

Restaurants and Groceries

Del Cerro has plenty of eateries offering hyper-local fare and cuisines from around the world help this hillside town keep its community satiated. If you prefer a home-cooked meal, there are plenty of groceries, bakeries, and specialty stores to gather your ingredients from. Click the links below to see what Del Cerro has to offer. 



Del Cerro is located near the famed Hotel Circle area of San Diego, so visitors have access to plenty of hotels and motels. Visitors from all walks of life are sure to find accommodations that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.




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